dry bar

dry cut 25*just a dusting off your ends to keep your hair growing and looking healthy.
b styled25*b curly, b straight, b boho, b voluminous
b up75any up style that requires hair pins.

dry menu does not include wash
* starting at


wet bar

wash, cut + style
b girly40*
b boys25*
b lo dry30*washed + styled
b hydrated25
b olaplex40*
* starting at



b colorful

touch up50*just your roots
all over70*
partial highlight/creative75*
full highlight140*
balayage touch up140*
* starting at



b brow bar

wax15shaped + trimmed
microbladingconsultation required



b married

b up75*
bride b up95*
bridal b styled55*
b styled50*
* starting at


extensions bar

Want longer or fuller hair? You can have it!! There is no better feeling than long sexy hair. I am licensed hair stylist who specializes in extensions. I have practiced for over 10 years with different hair and application methods of extensions. I have concluded and customized 2 methods that work on all hair types. This is an affordable semi permanent human hair extension method. Hair can be re-used over and over again. You just have to look after it, which is very simple to do, and the hair can last you many applications.

micro link method (braidless sew-in )- $250 + cost of hair (dependent on desired thickness)
Price includes cut and style after application.
Micro link is a method using wefts of hair attached with silicone links. Micro link system has minimal damage to your real hair, unlike glue-ins and other methods. Micro link gives you the maximum volume, over any other method of extensions. Fast application – 2 hours max. Including cutting and styling. Extensions last for 4-6 weeks before they need maintenance. I provide this maintenance service, which is included in the price.



Consultation includes color and texture match, length consult, cut and style consult, and you will receive a print out of the Care Instructions.